It is at times childish, and it is crude. But it was fun, and really, that’s what it was made for.

The thing with Spy is that it is perhaps the most generic film ever made. It is literally a comedy about spys. There is no way around the fact of the matter. Spy is, and always will be exactly what it says on the poster.

But that’s exactly where it gets it right.

When agent Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) is promoted to the field, she goes undercover to help her fellow spys (Jude Law and Jason Statham) stop Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) from causing global terror.

The film poster gives away McCarthy’s bumbling desk-agent character, and Jude Law’s bond-like performance, but this doesn’t take away from the film. The audience gets what it expects.

The humour does overly rely on slapstick and can be excessively crude
on occasion, definitely taking it too far, yet this is counter balanced by the playful dialogue, which was impressive for the style of film.

fdfaa2b6-3f52-4aa9-9de6-0e63a6962f40-2060x1236Despite some clever dialogue the film can easily be classified as generic. From the actors chosen to the roles, to the predictability of the plot (being a spy film), the film does’t havedistinguishing features to set it apart.

Yet the acting, specifically that of Melissa McCarthy and Miranda Hart, was not least surprising but enjoyable. Feng is the first director to coax a decent performance out of the former, and Miranda Hart flowed easily from the small British screen to the largest stage of them all. Granted the role was effectively ‘Miranda’ with a gun, but it was acted nicely, and sat nicely with the rest of the film.

Nevertheless, Jason Statham managed to mess up his role horribly, with a little groan seeping out every time he graced the screen.

Spy isn’t going to win an oscar. Or any other award. It is at times childish, and it is crude. But it was fun, and really, that’s what it was made for.


Image: Larry Horricks

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