A film of singing and partying animated characters was not needed. Not now, not ever.

It seems that every animated feature hitting the silver screen recently has provided us with the characters throwing a huge send off. Singing and dancing to some overhyped pop song, basically them having an absolute blast. Them being the key word. It’s almost as if there is no other option and they all need to fulfil the Beastie Boys declaration and use their right to party. Sing was announced and I think the general feeling was that a film of singing and partying animated characters was not needed. Not now, not ever.

Yet, the final result is actually very charming. With director Garth Jennings (Son Of Rambow) and the voice work of Matthew McConaughey, Sing is the story of Buster Moon, A koala who’s theatre is under threat from unpaid bills and a string of awful shows. But wait, Buster has a plan. A singing competition! And one with a great prize…


Sing has a lot of singing. Let’s clear that up. On the whole it’s high quality and the characters involved are funny and involving and the story lines, though a little clichéd, are bright and interesting. The quality of the animation doesn’t break any barriers, but it also looks up to date and quirky. The world is not too dissimilar from Zootropolis.  There is a stark difference in the way the two films present themselves but this is not an issue.

At its heart, sing is a joyous happy movie that really anyone can enjoy. It might be a stock phrase, but really, this is fun for all the family.


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