For them, Love is the pathway to normality. Bending their ideals to give them a better future.

On screen chemistry is what dreams are made of. You can extract the best performance possible from a leading pair, but if they don’t have that special connection on screen, the film simply will not reach its full potential. Passengers had maximum off screen chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, but it left a lot of that behind the camera.

Loving however, has the most wonderful performances from it’s lead actors, Ruth Negga and Joel Egderton. The pair are joyous in their roles as Richard and Mildred Loving.

Introduced as a young interracial couple living in Virginia, Loving tells of their travel to Washington D.C. to wed. When they return home, they are banished by the county officials for not being of the same racial origin. Their case is picked up by the ACLU and taken all the way to the supreme court, becoming a landmark case in civil rights across America.loving

Joel Edgerton manifests as a man who desperately wants to live a normal life. He wants to provide for his wife and children with no importance placed upon his family. He knows how important his case could be, and the reluctance he shows throughout is played beautifully. He doesn’t appear selfish or egotistical, he is protective.

Ruth Negga’s Mildred on the other hand is more outward. She wants the same normality for her family, but she knows this won’t come quickly or easily. The pair together work for the same goal indifferent ways. For them, Love is the pathway to normality. Bending their ideals to give them a better future.

The film follows a similar tone to the actor’s performances, with a very understated manner. For a film about a law case, it’s effortlessly calm. Though if a particular criticism was to be brought up with Loving, it is definitely the pace of the first hour. It is overly slow, and even though the whole picture is underplayed for a reason, it doesn’t warrant the pace of this opening section. The film didn’t need to be two hours long, but it does work as a beautiful piece describing and believing in  ideals that the Loving’s lived by.


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