Gold is a dud. 

February often brings brilliance. It’s the right time for academy award nominated films to arrive in the UK, but this does mean that dead weight gets dragged onto the big screen. Dressed as an Oscar, these creep up only to be found out for being made of cheap chocolate. Gold is a dud.

It tells the story of Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), an out of luck prospector who spends the last of his money on a hunch digging in the depths of the Borneo jungle. Deep inside, he chances across the largest gold mine discovery of the century.


Overall, Gold feels just like a poor man’s ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street.’ There is none of the humour or sharp wit that ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ had in abundance, and the performances are no where near as exuberant. They’re excessive, but in the wrong way. McConaughey is okay, but his character isn’t charming and there is nothing relieving his personality from its nature: boring an mildly repulsive.

The one shining light is Bryce Dallas Howard but she isn’t given the material to expand her character and is mainly kept on the back seat. This goes for the script as a whole, it is lacking massively in rich content. If it wasn’t for the plot driving the film forward with a very interesting twist, there would be no memorable moments.

Gold is a very ordinary production of a film that should have been entertaining and absorbing. It is exactly what it does’t say on the tin.


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