Oscars 2017: Picks and Predictions

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Best Picture:


Pick: Hidden Figures – A truly triumphant picture that beats all the other candidates for being the happiest most uplifting film that will ever be made. Pure Joy.

Prediction: La La Land

Best Actor:


Pick: Casey Affleck – Manchester By The Sea – A truly remarkable performance that shows exactly how subtlety can say more than 1000 words.

Prediction: Casey Affleck – Manchester By The Sea

Best Actress: 


Pick: Natalie Portman – Jackie – A performance that not only captures the life of Jackie Kennedy, but one that becomes Jackie Kennedy and explains exactly how she managed to get through the hardest moments in her lifetime.

Prediction: Emma Stone – La La Land

Best Supporting Actor:


Pick: Michael Shannon – Nocturnal Animals – An outrageously composed performance that showed beautifully how a standard Texas lawman can become something so much more.

Prediction: Mahershala Ali – Moonlight

Best Supporting Actress:


Pick: Naomie Harris – Moonlight – A showing of disgust, magnetism and creativity puts Naomie Harris above the rest, especially when it comes to her portrayal of manipulation.

Prediction: Viola Davis – Fences

Best Director:


Pick: Barry Jenkins – Moonlight – Elegantly worked together, Moonlight is a deeply human and deeply personal film with incredible shot design and a thirst for reality.

Prediction: Damien Chazelle – La La Land

Best Original Screenplay:


Pick: Manchester By The Sea – Kenneth Lonergan puts together a script that not only tells its story perfectly but does it in a manner of great responsibility and woe. A truly emotional piece of work.

Prediction: La La Land

Best Adapted Screenplay:


Pick: Fences – Adapted from the stage play, August Wilson brings great monologues and ambitious dialogue which not only feels real but takes on a life of its own.

Prediction: Fences



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