I hated this film.

There are things in Fist Fight which are so horrendously misplaced it’s unbelieveable. Just the thought that someone believed homophobia, sexism,  making light of sexual abuse and paedophilia were funny is sickening. Joke after joke of inappropriate uncomical crap.

I’m not even going to bother describing the plot because it’s overly predictable and so unfunny.


Resorting to such a primitive sense of humour with no actual value is such a bore. The fact fist fight was made is an insult to the film industry. It takes bullying as if it’s some sort of school necessity, and glorifies it. There is no excuse for what the film has placed at its core, and it is unexplainable that at no point someone somewhere said ‘wait a minute, this film is atrocious.’

It’s an offensive, unfunny, turd of a film that deserves to be dropped into a vat of molten faeces. It makes no sense, with a script that tries to fill so many plot holes with lame excuses it looks like a slice of edam wrapped in cling film.

‘Well, this is awkward’ Charlie Day as Andy Campbell, Fist Fight, 2017


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