It’s overly violent and as a drama it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Superhero movies have become a cliché. There is no way around the predictable tale of good vs evil, just with each film twisting the same ideas in slightly different directions to the last. Logan was meant to be different. Billed as being unique with a completely new take on the style of film making, what we have is a superhero film taking itself more seriously than ever.

After travelling back across the Mexican border, Logan (Hugh Jackman) discovers Professor Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) condition has worsened. Unable to keep the low profile he wants, Logan gets stuck caring for young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen), which includes escaping the men chasing her.

There is no holding back. Logan is incredibly brutal and repeatedly violent. There is a huge separation in the scenes of action to the ones of calm with these understated sections being purely dramatic. Yet this is the issue. It is not a good enough as a piece of drama for what it was attempting to be and become. The script is very good compared to a corny superhero movie, but Logan has tried to out do this stigma and opened a completely different can of worms. It’s a shame, but it is underwhelming.

This is however, Hugh Jackman’s best performance as Wolverine. He has always been one of the highlights of the X-Men cinematic universe, particularly in the early films but Jackman manages to make Wolverine human in Logan. Something the character has key to his personality. The film also features Stephen Merchant in the oddest role he will ever take on but the cast in general is a strong one.

All the way through it feels like there is something missing. An explosion of realisation that this film is different, this is a completely new take on the superhero movie. Being the understated film it is, there just doesn’t seem to be enough substance to take Logan into the stratosphere. What is does show however, is that films like this can be made to huge popularity, and Logan should be admired for leading the way in this area of film making. Not all superhero movies have to be the same.

Logan very much has the sense of ending to it. It’s overly violent and as a drama it doesn’t quite hit the mark. Yet, it’s a fitting end to Hugh Jackman’s time as the character (if it is the end) but it does show that they still don’t completely know what to do with a wolverine movie.


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