Jordan Peele has captured 2017 America in a glass full of terror

‘Do they know im black?’ Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is about to meet his girlfriend Rose’s (Allison Williams) parents for the first time. Dean (Bradley Whitford) and Missy (Katherine Keener) await, but so do a black housekeeper and gardener. Black men have been going missing in the area and Chris is warned by friend Rod (Lil Rey Howery) to get out of there, but does he listen..?

Think of Get Out as a large rock. 10 foot tall with something mystical inside. Now imagine a miner, slowly chipping pieces off the rock, and a picture begins to form of what lies within. The film is brilliantly paced. The drip of comments and themes that drop out of the script is astounding. It is rare for a picture to be as thematically perfect as this. The chipping away at the storyline allows for complete immersion into the unfolding plot.

Get Out manages to describe a political landscape in the most graphic of ways, and it’s social commentary is majestically worrying. The deep underlying messages mixed with comedic moments make it perhaps the most analytically sound script of the year so far. Few writers manage to create such rich and thematically strong work. Get Out is impressively bold.


This is all without even touching on the horror elements. Get Out is a chilling tale in the most visceral of forms. It’s generous in its clues and this works all the more for it. A film is ultimately more terrifying when the thrilling elements engross the audience. Not a false sense of security, but one of intrigue. It is skin-crawlingly creepy with a huge battle between psychological and social warfare.

Get Out is a hypnotically plausible story with an effortlessly meticulous script. Daniel Kaluuya is great in his breakthrough role and Jordan Peele has captured 2017 America in a glass full of terror.


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