Punching, cheesy relationships, stupid jokes and Elizabeth Banks dressed as a green gold-hoarding hag

Power Rangers: Every child of the 90’s dream. Lots of lycra, lots of punching and lots of colour. Teenage heros taking on the world one badguy at a time. It doesn’t sound like the most promising franchise due for a reboot.

Five teenagers find themselves in an off-limits quarry, and when they each discover a coloured coin, their bodies gain super human abilities. Now Power Rangers, they are tracked down by the reborn Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), a former Power Ranger turned evil. The teens must learn to work together to save their town and everyone they love.

It’s a pretty steady production. Apart from a vastly inappropriate joke within the first five minutes, there’s a nice flow to the unravelling of a fairly easy-to-follow plot. Its generic and silly but for another superhero origin story it doesn’t mess around. It understands that there is time to learn about the characters after they have started their transformation to hero duty, not just before.


The fight sequences are nicely produced and don’t glorify the battles but are perhaps let down by a sub-standard quality of CGI, especially when compared to the advancements cinema has seen in recent years. It’s alright, but nothing mind-blowing. There is little room for imagination in these sections and are too formulaic to be anything groundbreaking. The tempo doesn’t quicken and this results in a fighting section that is perhaps not as fleshed out as it should be.

The run time is too long, but it is a fun too long. The characters are obvious and corny but it’s a Power Rangers movie, they weren’t really going to be anything else. It is far better than it could have been as a cheesy knockoff. There is thought behind making this a franchise for a modern day audience. However, tt does fall back a little with its attempts to please everyone.

Power Rangers is two hours of punching, cheesy relationships, stupid jokes and Elizabeth Banks dressed as a green gold-hoarding hag. For all that said, it really is quite enjoyable.


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