Avoid at all costs

Just this month, Fist Fight was released in an absolute swirl of crap. I lamented it for glorifying bullying and its brash and offensive manner that near enough insulted everyone. CHiPs is a little different. It normalises the same immature, old fashioned sentiments. It’s still an absolute shitstorm.

CHiPs is the reboot of the 1980’s classic tv series of the same name. Frank Poncherello (Michael Pena) is an undercover FBI agent, who is partnered with rookie Jon Baker (Dax Shephard) to find 5 rogue officers within the department.

The only thing bringing chips up from the absolute depths of movie hell is its chase scenes. They are fairly well filmed but other than that there is nothing. Michael Pena puts in potentially the worst performance of all time, in any role, and the plot is boring, predictable and tiring.

It’s a completely unneeded “comedy” film with little to no actual funny moments and it gives off a general feeling of illness. Avoid at all costs.


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