Free Fire isn’t just there to fill its jokes and guns quota

Effectively, Free Fire is a an hour long shootout of the most over the top, excessive and brash proportions and it wouldn’t look out of place on a list of Tarantino films. But it’s awesome.

Set out as a gun deal in a warehouse, two parties led by Chris (Cillian Murphy) and Vernon (Sharlto Copley) end up in a devastating shootout pre-empted by a bar brawl from the previous night. With lots of guns, lots of swearing and lots of blood, who can get out alive?

One of the more surprising elements of Free Fire is it’s incredibly sharp wit. Performed hilariously, the majority of great lines landing with Sharlto Copley but the script on the whole lends itself as a conveyor belt of comebacks and insults. With such a contrived place setting, Ben Weatley and Amy Jump have really taken the chance to produce a storyline of worth, lined with this array of one liners. Almost like a gun firing jokes not bullets.

Yet, it doesn’t just stop at jokes. There is an inordinate amount of tension filling the room before the inevitable shootout happens, and plaudits really are owed because this is not an easy achievement. Taking an action-comedy and adding thriller level tension, for however long it is, is an impressive feat. Free Fire isn’t just there to fill its jokes and guns quota, it wants to be regarded at the highest standard in any way it can.

Aside from Copley there are great performances from the likes of Cillian Murphy, Brie Larson and Michael Smiley, with particular acclaim to Armie Hammer who really manages to show his worth after failing to fulfil his potential in recent years. In fact, the whole cast puts in tremendous showings and this can only have been encouraged by director Ben Wheatley pushing to create the picture he wanted to.

Free Fire is an absolute bundle of fun. There is nothing left out of the warehouse that shouldn’t have been, meaning it becomes a no holes barred, guns blazing, rip roaring film of the highest quality. An instant cult classic.


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