It becomes the mold exactly when it needed to break it

What is deemed as the most important element of any animation is it’s universal appeal. The film industry has reached a point where animation needs to please to everyone. That means, any age, gender or nationality. If it doesn’t, there’s a good chance it’s going to get universally panned.

The Boss Baby is no different and it’s a perfect example of a film which has stemmed only from the ever expanding expectations of children’s animation.

Tim has the perfect life. Living with his parents, he gets all the attention he could want. Bedtime songs, fun days out and anything he needs, but when a mysterious new baby arrives, Tim’s world is turned upside down.


The Boss Baby is generic, it is nothing fancy but it is, probably most importantly, fun. It actually possesses a pretty impressive style of animation, which is both creative and original and portrays the world in a confused sense that only a children’s film could get away with.

The characterisation is incredibly vivid and the idea around the actual baby is great. Alex Baldwin was the prefect casting, and it gives the film a starting block from which to jump. However, it is quite clunky and with a plot as surreal as it is, it won’t please everyone. The background isn’t supplied with enough substance and relies heavily on the quality of the animation to give it credibility.

The Boss Baby is entirely a product of it’s era and it plays up to that massively. The issue comes with it not supplying what similar films have thrived upon, but it can’t pass by that perhaps it would have been received in a much better fashion had both main characters been girls. It becomes the mold exactly when it needed to break it.

But your kids will love it.


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