It’s an escapism style of light comedy which does exactly what it needs to

Going In Style takes an ageing all-star cast and makes a pedestrian remake which is fairly pleasant to watch. It could easily be more lively or impressive, but it isn’t and really this isn’t a huge problem.

When their former employer cuts off their pensions, Willie (Morgan Freeman), Joe (Michael Caine) and Albert (Alan Arkin) need a way of making money, even to just live off. During a mortgage meeting with his bank, Joe gets caught up in a robbery, and that gives him a completly new idea on how he and his friends can earn a living for the remainder of their lives.

More importantly than anything, Going In Style is funny. It’s not hilarious but it’s an escapism style of light comedy which does exactly what it needs to. Zach Braff has worked together a nice production and throughout it plays low key ultimately coming off very charming.


The all-star cast are incredibly pleasing to watch, and the three old hands absolutely lead the way. Going In Style never takes any chances and with very little plot, it’s “beefing out process” takes a few liberties relying on it’s stars to cover for some of the weaker moments. Yet, there is nothing to divulge about their performances and this makes for gentle and timely viewing.

Going In Style isn’t going to blow anyone away with it’s mild humour and calm demeanour but it’s steady pace and enjoyable style make for a particularly pleasant watch.


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