It’s so beautifully and finely balanced, it really is tremendously vivid and violently close

The ability Raw has to induce feelings of immense power is simply overwhelming. These feelings however, are disgusting, vivid and vile. The watch is tortuous and Ducournau’s skill in creating these images is horrifically intense. With this being her debut picture, it is currently unimaginable to think of what may be to come.

Justine (Garance Marillier) is a first year at a veterinary school her whole family have been educated at. As a vegetarian, she refuses the initiation ritual of eating a raw rabbit kidney, but her sister (Ella Rumpf) changes her mind. Through a further series of rituals during her first week, Justine experiences feelings of hunger and impulse she has never had before, and ends up viciously ravenous for a multitude of urges.

Raw is an incredibly sensual film, and without the horror imagery and gore it would, in fact, be even more so. The intimacy and closeness of the whole picture is claustrophobic and it does impressively in its attempts to grasp and portray what is happening to it’s characters. There’s a real understanding of how to portray the unknown. It shows it as a fear and the violent images only enhance this feeling.


More interestingly, it is the shocking images which haunt the thoughts immediately afterwards, but with time the other more progressive elements take over and show just how deep Raw is. The plot is wound together very tightly, and this understanding comes long after the sheer terror of the imagery. It’s so beautifully and finely balanced, it really is tremendously vivid and violently close.

Without moving on from the shocking images, the full worth of Raw will never come across. There is a huge amount of room for Queasiness is part of the film and once that has been waded through, there is definite method in the madness. Complete and utter madness.


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