In reality, a dead carcass can’t feel anything and the film struggles to grasp this as a fact

BBFC ratings are always scrutinised and the reasoning behind them isn’t always as sound as it should be. Earlier this year, it was well documented that John Wick 2 had sections cut out to drop it to a 15 rating, from the 18 it was originally given. The Belko Experiment on the other hand, feels very much like it worked up to it’s 18 rating (or restricted in America.) The film itself isn’t actually overly brutal. It merely features moments seemingly only in place to raise its rating. This certainly isn’t the all out horror it wanted to be.

In Bogota, Colombia, The Belko Corporation’s office is guarded by new security turning away any of the Colombian nationals who work at the building. The working day continues as normal until a voice blasts out over the office tannoy, dragging every single worker into a game of murder and brutality.


There are obvious connections to films like Battle Royale and The Hunger Games but it does manage to just escape being a copy of these with enough originality, but there is also links to films like Sean Of The Dead in it’s combination of everyday work life and modern horror.

The Belko Experiment does have annoyingly silly issues, one being its insistence upon not answering any of the questions it’s so intent on putting out. It’s horror is also fairly confused in its sense of life and death. In reality, a dead carcass can’t feel anything and the film struggles to grasp this as a fact.

Yet, it is enjoyable and there is certainly something to take from The Belko Experiment, but at hits core, it is a timely piece of gore, terror and shouting with just a dash of bloody confusion.


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