It’s the inability to produce any form of substance that makes Unforgattable as irritating as it is

Unforgettable documents Julia’s (Rosario Dawson) move from the city to a small town with her new husband to be David (Geoff Stults). Marred by ex-wife Tessa(Katherine Heigl) the relationship is put to the test immediately and made worse when she discovers they are engaged. Haunted by her past, Julia struggles with the games Tessa plays, and when everything comes together, it turns her life upside down.

Unforgettable an incredibly frustrating film. Not often are quality films described as frustrating but Unforgettable is one of the exceptions. There is so much potential within the film and it’s the inability to produce any form of substance that makes Unforgettable as irritating as it is.

The film simply would not exist without social media and the lack of detail given to sources such as Facebook is unforgivable. It ignores giant plot holes and let’s major elements of the story lie at the wayside. The intricacies just aren’t there and Unforgettable just becomes an underwhelming ball of awkward tension.


Aside from this there are some really interesting themes. With betrayal and trust being such big ideas within the film the performances from both Heigl and Dawson are actually brilliant. Dawson takes a fairly average character and makes her a real naive lover whereas Heigl on the other hand epitomises obsession and turns it into a full bodied fearmonger. The film around them doesn’t support their performances and it feels jilted and jarring.

Unforgettable truly could have been a great thriller. It had all of the ingredients Di Novi just couldn’t make it into a complete film. Calling the film Unforgettable was always a risk, but ultimately, it really is forgettable.


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