Warren Beatty has created a truly thrilling piece and his performance is one of the highlights

Rules Don’t Apply tracks the lives of three people, pulled together by the magic of Hollywood. Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) is the major player in the film industry. Soon to be joined by Marla Marbrey (Lily Collins) for her first screen test, new driver Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) is tasked with driving Miss. Marbrey to her appointments. However, the whole process is thrown into turmoil when Hughes’ mental state is pulled into question as the public realise no one sees him any more.

There is a mystical air surrounding the whole picture and there really is a feel of an ethereal Hollywood projected outwards. Warren Beatty has created a truly thrilling piece and his performance is one of the highlights. However, young actors Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenrich are simply marvelous and they really portray how magical raw and naive talent can be. Lily Collins absolutely lights up the screen and Ehrenreich is brilliantly restrained yet persistent. The three together make the film a compelling watch and the connection with each other comes across beautifully.


The actual piece is littered with cameos, often with pivotal supporting roles but adding only to the ambiance. The film is about it’s characters and holds itself almost as a tool for understanding. The direction leaves a little to be desired but there is enough to make up for any lost substance.

The camera work has a great vintage feel to its style and look and the general sense of the film is one of a nostalgic throwback. There is a love for the 60’s set in the mold for the whole film. It is this adoration which gives the film is realistic turn.

Rules Don’t Apply is a heartwarming tale of love and fear and with a backdrop of 1960’s Hollywood, there is so much to love. Beatty’s return to direction becomes a thoroughly enjoyable take on the age old love triangle. The film proves that even in Hollywood’s quietest corners, some of the greatest stories can be found.



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