It’s more expansive and developed than the Boosh series ever were

The premise of Mindhorn, an actor called to solve a crime case, is one of actual originality. It is incredibly difficult to produce a script which is wholly original, and that is something Mindhorn gets perfectly. Its a plotline aimed at a niche market, but it really works.

Mindhorn (Julian Barratt) was the 80’s best TV Cop, but 30 years later actor Richard Thorncroft’s career has gone down the pan. Yet, when a woman is murdered in the Isle Of Man, the prime suspect will only deal with one cop, Mindhorn.

The obvious comparison comes to the Mighty Boosh, with Julian Barratt writing the script with Simon Farnaby, both of Boosh fame, but the film has enough distance from the series for it to feel fresh. It’s comedy is similar but it’s more expansive and developed than the Boosh series ever were.


It’s an incredibly British feel to the style of comedy. Despite being quirky, it is surprisingly fully formed for a low budget picture. Barratt is hilarious in the central role but there’s great support from Russell Tovey and Simon Farnaby.

The fact that Mindhorn has actually been made is one of a win for British comedy. The industry is starved for small British films, and last year’s I, Daniel Blake showed how incredible they can be. Obviously Mindhorn isn’t perfect, but it’s wonderful that it was made, and had the effort and time put into it to make it a thoroughly enjoyable watch

It’s not just hilarious. It’s also witty and clever, it’s plot is far more interesting than the majority of Hollywood’s big budget blockbusters. Really, it’s just a down to earth, wise cracking ball of fun.


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