It mostly stands up to scrutiny, even with some moments of confusion and weakness

Unlocked is the fast paced action film starring Noomi Rapace as the out of work agent, Alice Racine. Drafted back in to the field, Alice is tasked with stopping the spread of a biological weapon in the UK. With the help of thief Jack (Orlando Bloom), she looks for the mole who has attempted to ruin the agent’s offense on terror.

This is absolutely nothing special. It is a generic spy thriller and the plot is awkwardly predictable. Yet, it mostly stands up to scrutiny, even with some moments of confusion and weakness Unlocked largely sits as a plausible and enjoyable picture.


However, Orlando Bloom almost removes all credibility from the film. If it wasn’t for Rapace, Unlocked would just fall apart. She knows how to front an action film and does it again here, just as she did with Prometheus. Noomi manages to keep the focus off Bloom’s lacklustre performance and keeps the story plodding in the right direction. She is good at keeping intensity high with her energy whilst spreading her emotions into the scene.

It’s not a tense as it could be, or needs to be, and it’s generally quite inoffensive in its style but there’s little to dislike and it’s pretty average stuff. It’s not exciting, but keeps things fresh(ish) with its modern day sense.

Truthfully, it’s a generic spy thriller staying well within the boundaries and fitting into its mold naturally with very few surprises.


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