It takes the audience on an increasily turbulent rollercoaster that is in no way a cliche.

Take two pencils. Put them both inside an elastic band and begin to turn them. When going in different directions, they twist round the elastic band, and as it winds the tension is excruciating. Miss Sloane is exactly like this. The film is positively explosive.

Set out as a political battle between two lobbying companies, they are both competing for votes in the Senate on limiting gun restrictions. Company Peterson Wyatt however, have one big advantage. Miss Elizabeth Sloane.

The script is beautifully clever. It’s flows so delicately with Chastain chomping through the lines.  She brings the character to such an unlikable place but there can be only support for her in her twisted fashion of life. Chastain is utterly compelling in a vividly aggressive performance.


Chastain’s performance enhances the brutally thrilling yet beautifully clever script. Its series of twists and turns is never ending and there is even a moment where my heart sunk deep into my chest. Miss Sloane is an incredible example of a film that exceeds its limitations. With Chastain’s magnetic performance at the centre, the film shows off the growth of political lobbying and just how expansive and vicious it can get.

Miss Sloane is a marvelous film of directorial majesticity, script writing brilliance and a central performance worthy of any top award. It takes the audience on an increasingly turbulent roller coaster that is in no way a cliche. It’s joyous beyond measure.



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