King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

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There is no epiphany and no joy to be had from this contrived film of an annoyingly bleak outlook

King Arthur is an abhorrent use of cutting edge technological film making. It genuinely feels like an extended trailer for itself, and every scene is overwhelmingly abrasive from its incessant over production and jerky editing.

Charlie Hunnam plays the titular character, after he is sent away by his father, The King (Eric Bana), when he is young. The Kings brother (Jude Law) takes power, and sets out to find Arthur and destroy him before he becomes too powerful himself.

Its brutally stylised which on the odd occasion comes across well, but more often than not its just offensive to the eyes. So much is happening its just appears boring. With its practically grey scale colour scheme it lacks life, but has none of the charm black and white films rely on. There is genuinely a lack of power and control in a film so set in having omniscient characters at its heart.


The CGI is painfully empty and the only good things about the film, Charlie Hunnam and Jude Law, are destroyed by Guy Ritchies thirst for unique film making. They are left such little room to become expansive in roles that are begging for it. Ritchie has limited two potentially outstanding performances, and its a farce.

There is no epiphany and no joy to be had from this contrived film of an annoyingly bleak outlook. Its the shell of a picture filled with a cavernous vacuum. A total waste of everyones time, with zero plot and so little to enjoy and revel in. Its such a shame, because deep in there somewhere, very deep, there is a burning fire of a great mythical film.


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