It passes the time, but come 2 years and no one will remember it one bit

Snatched is a very silly comedy with a unique but weak plot line and a predictive narrative that for some reason manages to make itself work. Its by no means ground breaking or expansive but its rolling along gives a good few sniggers with laughs dropped in from time to time.

The story follows Emily (Amy Schumer), a downbeat shop assistant who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, is determined to carry on with her nonrefundable holiday. She decides to drag her mum (Goldie Hawn) on to the trip, who has wildly different ideas about what makes up a good vacation. Its only when they get embroiled in a kidnapping plot, do they realise how much they need each other.

Amy Schumer is leading the way as a new style of screen presence with her well timed and overly slapstick comedy style. Hawn takes a much more serious approach to her role, becoming the highlight of the picture, in a distinctly unexpected way. Amy Schumer is used to being controversial but its rare for someone like Goldie Hawn to steal the show when it is so focused on Schumers performance.


Snatched is different from the average American comedy, and this is due to its plotline more than anything else. The trailers casually ruin the best jokes, and it never gets going in the way a more vibrant comedy would. There is far too much focus on making it funny, rather than making it a good film. Its different, but no where near enough.

Snatched is a better than it was ever likely to be with a few laughs and shows off how good location filming can be. It passes the time, but come 2 years and no one will remember it one bit.


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