It relies on thoughtless jokes lacking any form of wit

Baywatch is the remake of the classic television show, starring an all new cast. Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) heads the Baywatch lifeguard team and only chooses a select few to help him on his life saving duties. When he is forced to accept Matt Broady (Zac Efron) into his team, the pair battle for each other’s acceptance. It is only when an illegal drug dealing ring is forming around the bay, do the pair decide to team up and fight against the criminals.

This is perhaps the most vulgar, stupid and boring picture to be released this year. It had an early consensus that it might be okay, but it is just annoyingly brash and irritating with its sexist undertones and dead humour. This is not a funny film, instead it relies on thoughtless jokes lacking any form of wit. It is a comedy with no jokes, and no charm.


The format plays out as if it’s stuck between transferring from television to film and it doesn’t sit well at any point. The script is weak, with awfully written characters and a general lack of understanding of basic dialogue. It’s a shambles of blockbuster proportions.

The cast is one of real promise, but the distinct lack of content and quality means that they are completly wasted. It’s a shame, but really Baywatch isn’t even close to hitting the mark.

Baywatch is annoying, unfulfilling and joyless and honestly just a waste of energy. It’s incredibly unmemorable and the question needs to be asked as to when production companies will understand that pumping endless money into a film does not make it a good one.



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