The feeling of genuine amazement the film holds is second to none

DC has got it wrong. Plain and simple. After the immensely successful Dark knight trilogy, they took a sharp left with Man Of Steel and then made it a u-turn with Batman vs Superman, and the less said about Suicide Squad the better. Wonder Woman was the chance to change all that. A highly undervalued female super heroine, who could take the world by storm – and she has.

Born on the lost island of Themyscira, Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) is a girl with an itch to fight. She wants to defeat any evil that may challenge her people and as Princess of the island, she feels it is her duty. Haunted by Eres, the son of Zeus and the God of War, she never lets down her guard, and when a World War I pilot crashes through space into the sea, she learns of the war destroying the Earth. Diana takes it upon herself, to defeat the German Army, and Eres with it.

The whole picture is electrifying. It feels like a blazing ball of awesomeness, showing exactly how a beautifully written a super film can be. Never is she diminished as a character, and never does she suffer from the male personalities around her. Credit has to go to Chris Pine for playing his strong spy in a way that supports Diana rather than opposes or undermines her. The pair are perfect in a way superhero films rarely get right.


The sequences where Diana fights soldiers and general evil are some of, if not the best, fight sequences of recent memory; Especially in a super film. The energy the main theme brings is outstanding, and the feeling of genuine amazement the film holds is second to none. Gal Gadot has created her character as one of hope and resistence and it’s such a change from the dark and brooding nature of the run of the mill supers that get all of the limelight.

DC has found its element. If Wonder Woman is anything to go by, Marvel finally has competition, but more importantly we have a genuinely wonderful hero for the big screen. Gadot is perfect in the role, the styling and design is magic, and finally Wonder Woman has the publicity she has always deserved.


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