It’s basically Crossrail with zombies

The Mummy is as topical as anything around today. It’s basically Crossrail with zombies.

This is a film that relies on having a surprisingly limited plot line, a lead with plenty of jokes but no actual comic timing, and some of the least scary jump moments of all time. All of this exists while the film makers try to start a new franchise (Dark Universe), and show off Tom Cruise in any way possible.

It focuses on Nick (Tom Cruise) and Chris (Jake Johnson) as they search Iraq for anything ancient of value. They uncover a tomb and when searched, it’s actual use as a prison is revealed. Yet, as they transport the sarcophagus from within for research in London, an evil curse starts to descend upon those around the strange item.


A lot of the fear is meant to come from these zombie-like characters that is clearly trying to steal some of the walking dead hype, but the real question comes when we ask why a film about an ancient Egyptian mummy is relying on zombies for its scares? It’s a strange one.

The film takes place in Iraq and its views on the country are very stereotypical and frustrating. It does nothing to suggest that Iraq isn’t anything other than a war zone, still. It grows even more irritating  with Tom cruise’s character, called Nick, and his best friend is played by Jake Johnson who is only known for playing Nick in TV series New Girl. Very distracting.

It’s a very odd film, filled with flaws and setups for future pictures that just feels like a runway leading off a sheer cliff. And genuinely, Tom Cruise’s comic timing is atrocious.


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