A film with no actual message, but is entirely convinced that it has one

Wilson (Woody Harrelson) follows the titular character as he struggles through mid-life. Buoyed by his eccentric personality and outspoken nature, he discovers he has a teenage child and it turns his life upside down. Determined to have an impact on his daughter’s life, Wilson sets out to do what he can for those from his past.

Woody Harrelson puts in a peculiar performance, and in reality, he plays weird very well in the most uncomfortable of forms. The character is quite often blindly optimistic, yet his speech is set in logic and making for a torn character of some considerable confusion. He is incredibly dysfunctional, but so is the rest of the film.


It lacks any unique or interesting features, meaning there is literally nothing making the film tick over. There is basically no catch, and that’s definitely an issue for a film like this. The imagery used is overly obvious and it’s littered with poor directorial decisions which only enhances the mediocre standard that the film sets itself by.

Wilson is absolutely a film with no actual message, but is entirely convinced that it has one. It’s just a cheap flick about a stupidly annoying character. No matter how well Harrelson plays him, it doesn’t make it anymore pleasant to watch.

P.s. It’s not even funny.


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