Gifted thrives on it’s hugely passionate and wonderfully charming central relationship

Mary (McKenna Grace) is a child genius. With her uncle (Chris Evans) as her guardian, she starts at a state elementary school. With difficulty she starts to fit into the school regime, but when her grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) arrives to send her to a school for gifted children, Mary is trapped in a bitter family rivalry.

Gifted thrives on it’s hugely passionate and wonderfully charming central relationship from Chris Evans and his on screen niece McKenna Grace. The pair are genuinely brilliant to journey with, and the personality coming from a girl as young as McKenna is almost unheard of. It’s akin to that of Onata Aprile in What Maisie Knew.


The film does however have a romance sub plot featuring Mary’s teacher and Chris Evans. Firstly Jenny Slates character is ultimately annoying but with that aside, the romance doesn’t go far enough and only ends up tainting the rest of the picture. It takes focus away from the wonderful magic that the films other relationship breeds. It’s almost an unneeded extra, and with a fairly long run time as it is, Gifted would have been better without it.

The script is largely plausible, and even though it sometimes leads to confusion it is interesting and it does push its ideas in the right direction. This is a film that absolutely means well and it completely comes across that way.

Gifted it reliant on it’s main relationship, just as it should be but with other tenuous complications pulling from that, it almost feels like this could have been a short film of Grace and Evans chilling in their home. It’s thoroughly enjoyable, but half of the film is spent wishing it was the other half.


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