Hampstead is emotionless, boldly underwhleming and desperately out of touch with how romance works

Hampstead, is the sort of brainless and idiotic romance that riles anger not just at the film but towards anyone even remotely related to it.

The film follows Emily (Diane Keaton) as she tries to piece together her life after her husband’s death, while struggling with crippling debt. When she sees a man getting attacked in a decrepit shack set up on Hampstead Heath, she takes off to see if he has survived. There, Emily meets Donald (Brendan Gleeson), a man who has been living on the heath for the best part of 20 years, but is at risk of being evicted. They strike up an unlikely romance as they fight for his right to stay where he is.


Keaton and Gleeson put in the most irritating of performances. This is Gleeson’s 7th film within a two year span and he clearly isn’t trying anymore. He is continuously putting in emotionally lacking performances most of which are just plain dull, and this is the worst yet. Keaton on the other hand is whining, irritating and her stance after the court case is not just laughable but it fits into her annoying personality perfectly. It’s a genuinely atrocious plot.

The script is full of profoundly empty quotes, mostly just used to beef out the trailer but all it accomplishes is making the film seem even emptier. Hampstead is emotionless, boldly underwhelming and desperately out of touch with how romance works. This is certainly the worst Keaton will ever be, and really, this is just a total waste of film reel.


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