It’s far more generic than ever before

First things first: This is still a funny film. Minions will always have some form of comic value, and they are at their best here since the original movie.

The issue is that Despicable Me is a franchise like no other. It had previously escaped the usual humdrum of the computer animated machine (bar Pixar), however this film has changed that. It’s far more generic than ever before, even if it is a better film than it’s predecessor.

The plot follows Gru (Steve Carell) as he is ejected from the spy agency, AVL, for failing to capture Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) a former child actor turned rogue. Yet, when Gru is visited by a mysterious man claiming to know his long lost twin brother, he goes on the hunt for revenge, with a new ally in tow.


The story line is incredibly basic, and even if the second picture struggled to reach the first film’s heights, it still had a solid story and that’s what the franchise thrives upon. The future of Despicable Me will rely on any further films holding their own with strong story lines. Any series could produce hundreds of great new characters, but if they don’t go anywhere or do anything, is there even any point?

Dru is an interesting addition to the team, but the gimmick wears off fairly quickly and when his annoying nature rears its blond locked head, the film becomes an avoidable mess with more substance and plot. He is a good idea, utilised terribly.

It does still have laughs and it does have charm, but without a strong story line, this isn’t the Despicable Me we are used to, and if this is the route it’s taking, I dread to think what any future film might end up like.


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