It’s always said ‘it’s the way you tell them’ and that’s genuinely true here

Let’s be honest. The classic American comedy genre is tired and overdone. There are hundreds of titles with the same jokes, the same general plot line and the same emotional tribulations. The House is no different. It sits exactly like the homework classmate Johnny borrowed, and just changed it a little bit.

But then, there is something different about The House, making it actually stand out. It’s funny. It’s always said ‘it’s the way you tell them’ and that’s genuinely true here, with Will Ferrel putting in a surprisingly sensitive performance, Amy Poehler being as funny as ever, and Jason Mantzoukas being the absolute star with his hilarious trials as a man going through a crisis.


The film’s plausibility does outweigh it’s surrealism, just, and this seems to be what makes it work. An underground casino could, probably, happen, leaving room to enjoy without picking holes in everything happening on screen. It manages to weave the jokes in without forcing them. It’s not the greatest at anything, but sometimes a film doesn’t need to strive to be the best. The House is a genuine comedy, great for passing the time.

Finally, the genre is waking up and realising corny and cheesy doesn’t sell anymore. It needs genuine laughs with deep characters that show us exactly what they are feeling, Almost a human touch. Films like The House can still be ridiculous in their own way, they just need to keep their humanity close at hand.


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