The Circle ends up spinning like an eternal rainbow wheel

Black Mirror is the absolute standard set by film looking at alternate futures for our planet in the technology sector. It has set such a high bar that the tv series has pretty much cornered the market, however, there is room for other creations with unique ideas and strong dramatisation to make their mark. The Circle, has neither of these.

Mia (Emma Watson) takes up a position at The Circle, a multimedia company based around it’s own unique social media site. When things don’t go as she planned, Mia takes up a challenge from CEO Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) and begins to record every moment of her life. Ecstatic at first, Mia soon realises the consequences of a complete loss of privacy.


The Circle’s base idea seems to be thoroughly thought out, with virtually no expansion made to scale up the story afterward, and this is what makes it so frustrating. There is so much untapped potential, horrifyingly blatant to even the casual watcher, left lying on the writer’s desk. The film feels empty and hollow as its themes of privacy and intrusion are left holding up a major motion picture on their own.

The Circle becomes a dire watch where a massive twist was needed to throw off any onlookers, who just receive a blank page instead. The creativity is non-existent and that’s a devastating mistake for the filmmakers to stumble upon. Without expanding on its original idea, The Circle ends up spinning like an eternal rainbow wheel.


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