It is an attempt to understand the person that he was

All Eyez On Me tries to take an elevated and almost God-like Tupac Shakur, and show how he was just a man underneath the facade. It is an attempt to understand the person that he was, and it should be admired for that.

It follows Tupac from his early days in Baltimore, all the way to his death in Las Vegas, while showing the real issues he had to fight against, and ideas he didn’t always agree with.

For a film about such a high profile rap name, known for his lavish life and his war with Notorious B.I.G., it’s an incredibly grounded picture. It’s often caught with slow pacing and then with a long run time added on top, it doesn’t necessarily drag, but there’s a sense of urgency to be desired. Generally, there’s enough content to hold attention while still feeling personal and realistic, yet there are sections that could have been cut to alleviate some of its sluggishness.


However, the addition of music and concert scenes hype up the emotion of the film which is lacking in large parts, and with director Benny Boom known for his music videos, it’s clear where this intuitive usage comes from. In fact more of it would only have enhanced the picture, replacing some of the unhelpful background settings.

It’s a passionate and personal portrayal of a man who richly fought for the fairness he deserved. As his confidence grows throughout, Shipp Jr. really displays a great understanding of the man, and what he strived for. It’s not the film it could have been, but Tupac’s life is fascinating enough on its own to make All Eyez On Me a subtle yet informative watch.



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