Tom Holland’s Spiderman is definitely here to stay

The Marvel cinematic universe has been searching for a great villain ever since the Mickey Rourke controversy of Iron Man 2. An incredible number of failed attempts have come and gone, from Iron Man 3’s The Mandarin to Dormammu in Doctor Strange. Far too many have just been plain average. However, Homecoming changes that with Michael Keaton as Vulture, a reimagined and monstrously performed villain for a new age of Marvel films.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland), still reeling from his part in Civil War, is desperate to get back to action with The Avengers. Doing all he can to be noticed by Tony Stark, he heads all advice and starts investigating The Vulture, head of a criminal gang selling illegal alien weapons. Yet, when his plan goes wrong, Spider-Man’s Avengers future is cast into major doubt.
The best thing about Homecoming is that it isn’t an origin story. Another Spider-Man origin narrative would have been supremely excessive, and everyone knows who Spiderman is, starting again would have gone against everything Marvel stands for with its progressive story lines. Homecoming is special because for that, and Tom Holland is a young, active and emotionally charged Spiderman which works wonderfully. This is absolutely a good move for Marvel with its franchise beginning to look a little tired with the same heroes recurring continuously.

Marvel have created a film that feels fresh, unique and playful. It strays from the bog standard super hero movie conveyor belt in a way that hasn’t really been done before, and it works. It might be a little naive but generally, it’s a strong film with a broad range of ideas making up its creativity. Tom Holland’s Spiderman is definitely here to stay.


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