Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

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It is chock-full of fart jokes and bum jokes

George (Kevin Hart) and Harold (Thomas Middleditch) are the best at pranking their teachers. Anything from bubbles to tigers, they’ve done it. Yet, when they are finally caught in the act by head teacher Mr. Krupp (Ed Helms), their friendship is thrown into turmoil. A hypno-ring is the pair’s only chance of survival and when it works, control over Mr. Krupp leads to the creation of their best invention ever. Captain Underpants!

In the simplest of ways, Captain Underpants has managed to tap into a form of comedy that works for everyone. It is chock-full of fart jokes and bum jokes, but the film has such a light hearted manner and an open demeanour, enjoyment is inevitable. Yet, this toilet humour doesn’t limit the script in any way. In fact, a huge amount of the laughter comes from other avenues, with the film being very approachable and particularly quirky.


The animation is fresh with a strong nod to the original book series, as well as being original and vibrant. At a time when animation is getting closer to reality by the day, it cultivates a good feeling when something takes a new stance with its design.

Captain Underpants isn’t going to blow any socks off or astound young audiences. It is there purely for its enjoyment value. There’s a really great performance from Kevin Hart at the centre point of the film and from there it just expresses itself in the only way it knows, through laughter. It is impossible to not enjoy, at least on some level, the silly jokes that churn out of Captain Underpants. I mean, what isn’t funny about toilets?


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