It’s almost as if the film is coated with a glossy layer of fakery

Girls Trip follows Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall), a self-help author who is given the chance as the key-note speaker at Essence Festival, New Orleans. Determined to use this to her advantage, she calls upon her old friends, The Flossy Posse, after years of no contact. This is their chance to take the weekend of a lifetime together as they relive their youth, but when old arguments come back to the threshold, it won’t be the smoothest of rides.

Even by the standards of a modern day comedy, Girls Trip is astoundingly crude. There was no effort placed into the script to actually attempt to produce an original comedy with genuine jokes. The film is filled with gag after gag of upfront and outrageous humour that only a 15-year-old boy would find original.

The performances are also acted up to extremities, which is a shame because all four members of the Flossy Posse, Pinkett Smith in particular, have some really great comic timing, but they are let down by relentless and overwhelming direction.


Even the production is over the top with its clean and unrealistic style. There’s a moment when the women walk into a “disgusting” hotel room which looks not just clean but actually pretty friendly. It’s almost as if the film is coated with a glossy layer of fakery.

Girls Trip did cross the line from surreal fun to fake carnage and it’s a shame because the four leads are likable and have a genuinely original dynamic. The humour is too far and overly sexual. Instead of trying to be controversial and over the top all the time, a slight toning down of its nature would have produced a much better watch with a broader reach.


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