The Big Sick doesn’t shy away from using a slower pace to allow for a greater sense of inclusivity

It is rare for a quirky offbeat comedy like The Big Sick to get the response that it has received. With almost universal acclaim, there is something about the film that makes it wonderfully charming and beautifully touching.

Kumail (Kumail Nanjiani) is a stand-up comedian looking for his big break. When he is heckled by Emily (Zoe Kazan) he is thrown off his performance and after approaching her at the bar, they begin a relationship. With both of them having hidden secrets encroaching into their romance, the end is inevitable. Emily discovers why Kumail hasn’t told his family about her and leaves in a damaging break-up. However, she is soon admitted to hospital and after meeting her parents, Kumail has a profound epiphany.

The way that Kazan and Nanjiani connect on screen is wonderful. It’s a delight to watch their relationship grow and heartbreaking to watch it fall in such a quick fashion. With a run time of two hours, The Big Sick doesn’t shy away from using a slower pace to allow for a greater sense of inclusivity.


This stems from a particularly clever and intuitive script based upon Nanjiani’s actual relationship, written by himself with his partner, the woman Emily is based upon. It’s perhaps this true basis that the film thrives from, and it often feels astoundingly real because of that. The Big Sick is a very open and accepting film and this helps express its unique comedy in a light hearted manner.

It is a hilarious picture with genuinely original jokes and eye-watering scenes ranging from across the emotional spectrum. It is charming, it is delightful and there is an unpredictability about the way the story is unraveled that makes it thoroughly intriguing. The Big Sick is the funniest film of the year, and any film coming will be hard pushed to top it.



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