Almost everything outside the water is pointless

47 Metres Down has one of the worst movie opening sequences of all time. The dialogue is tacky, unrealistic and pointless. The acting is weak and the whole section is directed terribly. The whole section feels like it is only there to increase the run time. With it, the film only meets and hour and a half, and there should definitely have been consideration put in to making this a short film. Something it would have benefitted from greatly. 

Holidaying in Mexico, sisters Kate (Claire Holt) and Lisa (Mandy Moore) are drawn into cage diving with Great White Sharks. While in the water, the winch attached to their cage jolts, causing them to panic and call to be brought back up. However, on the way up, the mechanism breaks completely causing them to drop to the ocean floor, 47 metres down.


Once the pair are trapped at the bottom of the ocean, the quality of direction and performances picks up considerably. In fact, the suspense that’s created with the multiple threats and the fear of the unknown is very impressive. If it wasn’t for the poorly animated sharks and the incessant use of jump scares this would be a very effective psychological horror. 

47 Metres Down has a very interesting premise but is let down by a shocking number of its key elements. Almost everything outside the water is pointless, the sharks are useless and the dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. If this was a short film, just set in the water, it would be a far better film.


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