The script is not strong enough to carry a film with no plot

Set during the Iraq war, The Wall tracks Shane (John Cena) and Allen (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) as they are attacked by an Iraqi sniper after believing they had the all clear. With only a wall for protection and a radio for communication, they must fight to survive in the most precarious of situations.

The Wall is a very limited film. 90% of the footage takes place behind a wall with Aaron Taylor-Johnson struggling from devastating injuries. He does a very good job with a restricted character, but there is no get out for him or the audience from the film’s inability to be expansive.

The Wall

It is obvious director Doug Liman had intended for the picture to appear as a tense political and psychological thriller, but the script is not strong enough to carry a film with no plot. There is very little tension throughout, and this leaves behind a dreary and predictable tale with no resounding message.

The Wall is as intricate as they come, but that doesn’t stop it from falling short with its ideas and its creativity. Every element feels restrained and it leaves behind a sour empty shell, fleshed out with overly long shots and endless pauses. Films like this are near impossible to perfect, and whilst The Wall has failed, it isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.



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