Weaves its way through a simple plot full of fascinatingly crooked characters

Hounds Of Love is fuelled by two insanely wicked performances, both brutally tormented and vividly realised. Stephen Curry and Emma Booth have created menacing characters, each with their own twisted minds, and their portrayal is simply terrifying.

The film centres around the couple Evelyn (Emma Booth) and John White (Stephen Curry) as they prey on young girls walking streets alone. When they kidnap Vicki (Ashleigh Cummings) she is taken to their home and held prisoner, chained to a small single bed.

Being such a rough watch, Hounds Of Love manages to overcome the repulsive actions taking place repeatedly by overlaying them with intrigue and ambiguity. There is a huge implication throughout that genuinely anything could happen next with such volatile captors, and a wide open story.


It is, however, the three focal performances that make the film as real as it feels. They produce an incredibly difficult watch, for all the right reasons, and director Ben Young has used this to his absolute advantage. Hounds Of Love’s potential is all but realised as it weaves its way through a simple plot full of fascinatingly crooked characters. Potentially, particular elements need to be expanded upon to understand wholly what drives the couple to carry out their despicable actions, but what is there is more than enough to repel any audience.

Hounds Of Love is a suburban horror with vast extremities. It’s a hazy view of terrible crimes, that feel as physically repulsive as they do mentally. Young has managed to elevate the film to a level of power with understanding, and it’s a commendable achievement. At a time when jump scares are heavily relied upon, films like Hounds Of Love make the Status Quo look strikingly average.





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