It feels like being continuously slapped by a giant billboard

The Emoji Movie suffers massively from being obvious, stupid, boring and annoying. It is rare for a film to feel like it has had such little effort placed into it, on such a large scale, but there is a genuine worthlessness running through the heart of this awful film.

Gene (T.J. Miller) is a ‘Meh’ emoji, living in Textopolis in young Alex’s mobile phone. When his first day as a working emoji goes terribly wrong, Gene teams up with Hi-5 (James Corden) as they try to find a way into the cloud to fix Gene’s major malfunction.

The film is effectively one giant advert for all things mobile. From Candy Crush to Just Dance, it feels like being continuously slapped by a giant billboard, plastered in aggressive posters raging about the most mediocre of apps. It’s a sheep, following anything and everything it can, including all other animations before it.


Nothing The Emoji Movie does is original, with its appallingly uninspired plot line, its atrocious editing, and characters that are so annoying, they induce genuine fury whenever they appear on screen. The lack of thought behind this film is mind blowing. There is a fear within that anything different will ruin its persona, of mindless conformism.

From the beginning to the end, The Emoji Movie is a car crash of a picture. The editing, the sound, the voice work, the animation, the characters, the story, the jokes, the product placement, the direction and the music are just 10 of the things completely and utterly wrong with The Emoji Movie. For the full list see: The Emoji Movie.


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