Napping Princess shows exactly how to use an imagination at its full capacity

Kokone is always falling asleep. Whenever she does, she is transported to a far off land with magic and monsters. It is only when her real life takes a turn to the extreme, does she realise the extent of the connection between her reality and the dream world.

Napping Princess is an anime that manages to play out two separate sections of a story, whilst intertwining them brilliantly. There’s a strong connection between the two, but enough differentiation to keep them individual and distinctively stylised.

The key is absolutely the animation. Each section has a noteworthy style and this acts as a great base for the story to lead off from. The futuristic techniques of the dream world and the basic version of reality really push through the film’s message of how important both worlds are to each other. If it does nothing else, Napping Princess shows exactly how to use an imagination at its full capacity.


However, the film suffers greatly from its extended length. It is far too long and much of the end sequence is filled with laborious battle scenes and over the top story telling. This is strangely something the rest of the film had done well to avoid, and by doing so, the overall impact is weakened. It’s a shame because, for the most part, Napping Princess builds itself up progressively.

With a passionate script and a strong plot, Napping Princess manages to stay set as a charming animation whilst entertaining and fulfilling its early promise. It’s far from the perfect article, but it’s worthwhile nonetheless.


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