It feels like a road trip with A Gore as he tells other people about climate change

It’s pretty obvious where the film got its name. The only issue is that the name is far too convenient for its own good. Watching, I feel just like Nicaragua at the climate change treaty. This simply is not enough.

An Inconvenient Sequel is very much ‘Al Gore: The Movie’. It almost solely focuses on his story, and the efforts he puts in to reduce humanity’s impact on the Earth. And in doing so, he loses a huge amount of the focus that should have been placed into showing how the Earth is actually being destroyed by non-renewable energy sources.

There are moments of overwhelming power but no where near enough for it to have even a moderate impact. An Inconvenient Sequel should be an incredibly hard hitting documentary, bringing natural disasters down to a personal level. Instead, it feels like a road trip with Al Gore as he tells other people about climate change.


Gore manages to put across lots of statistics and ideas, but this isn’t a lecture. This is a full length feature documentary, with a huge responsibility on its shoulders. It even feels like a retaliation to Donald Trump. ‘I don’t like what you’ve done so I’m going to make another movie.’

An Inconvenient Sequel had a huge role to play and could have been an incredible piece of filmmaking, ramping up enthusiasm within the population on how to protect the environment. Instead, we have a film documenting what Al Gore has done for the last 10 years, and not what we have done to the planet.


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