Rough Night has a pretentious sense of value stapled to its forehead

Rough Night struggles tremendously with being an outdated, underdone “friend” comedy, relying on very cheap laughs for the bulk of its run time.

Jess (Scarlett Johannsen) is a politician torn between working during a tough election schedule and spending time with her fiance Peter (Paul W. Downs). Her friends decide she needs a Bachelorette weekend before she gets married, so the group travel to Florida for some crazy nights of partying. After the first full night of drinking, they order a stripper to keep them entertained at home. When Alice (Jillian Bell) decides to jump on the stripper he hits his head, and the night takes a very strange turn.

Most of the characters are irritating and unrealistic, with a distasteful nature clogging any passages of interest. Rough Night has a pretentious sense of value stapled to its forehead, only enhancing the out of touch style it never shakes off. Just because the characters are women does not automatically mean it has worth in a male dominated market.

The obvious comparison is to Girls Trip, both films competing in the US box office, only for Girls Trip to annihilate the competition. That is a far cruder film, with lots of its own issues, however, Rough Night suffers from being generic and weak, rather than different and over the top. They are essentially polar opposite creations of the same movie.

Its plot is recycled along with the jokes, and the production value is generally pretty poor. Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon do the best they can but really nothing was ever going to stop Rough Night from turning into a rough film.


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