Stratton feels like being stuck in gridlock, listening to someone read out a scientific dictionary

Stratton is the kind of film that simply does not know how to move along a plot. It’s effectively a cycle of two types of scene:

Scene 1: The computer nerds are telling their boss the plan, each taking it in turns to regurgitate the next piece of seemingly scientific nonsense. Almost as if it’s been rehearsed to pinpoint accuracy, the team power through explaining exactly what has happened or is going to happen, boring detail after boring detail, each sentence sounding more fabricated than the last.

Scene 2:  The lead character has tracked down the bad guy. He’s escaping. The team proceeds to chase him for an extended period of time, only to lose him at the last second. Damn.



When his mission is jeopardised by a mole, Stratton (Dominic Cooper) must track down the criminal behind a serious theft, as well as discovering who is releasing top secret information from the inside.

None of the characters have any form of distinct personality traits. With each as bland as the rest, they aren’t helped by the boring, repetitive script and virtually nonexistent plotline. Stratton has an atrociously generic feel, giving way to scene after scene of unoriginal filmmaking.

This is a weak, poorly constructed special ops film with literally nothing interesting to say. The performances are uninspiring, the script is tedious and the plot is dire. Stratton feels like being stuck in gridlock, listening to someone read out a scientific dictionary, in the worst way possible, forever.





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