The effort is just not there

The Jungle Bunch is a bizarre French animation where the English voice track genuinely does not match up to the movement of the characters mouths.

It sets the precedent for the rest of the picture, feeling very much like the effort is just not there. Potentially, the original French version will have a great streamlined feel to it, but as it stands, the quality is just not good enough.

The story tracks The Jungle Bunch, a group of animals tasked with bringing justice to their neighborhood. When the evil koala Igor returns, The Jungle Bunch must resurrect the old protectors, The Champions, as they look to foil Igor’s terrible plot. 


Then again, the actual voice acting is lacking in life and vigor on its own. There must be a huge disparage between the original film and the English dubbed version, which really brings about questions as to why this was even created in the first place, especially when it goes on to be theatrically released in the UK. Subtitles, of course, wouldn’t work for a children’s film.

The opening scene is easily the best moment but it’s the actual Jungle Bunch who provide boredom, unoriginality, and weakness. The story is essentially an animal version of The Incredibles mixed with Madagascar and feels like it’s missing a crucial element of originality. It’s not a completely awful film, with an interesting style of animation, it’s just a shame that there seems to be no cohesion between any of the film’s core sectors.


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