The horror isn’t scary and the drama is violently cheesy

Flatliners is a terrible horror film. It’s neither jumpy nor psychological and its major scare factor is a reliance on women with hair over their eyes. It’s a really interesting idea that goes nowhere. Almost as if the planning went no further than people coming back to life, feeling brand new with terrible side effects. The horror isn’t scary and the drama is violently cheesy. It’s a very basic film with a group of actors trying their best to push their quality through the film’s tedious front.

Courtney (Ellen Page) drags her friends into a dangerous game of reanimation as they kill themselves to experience the afterlife before their time. However, after a period of euphoria, the group realise that nightmarish side effects could end their lives instead.


Being a remake, it cannot rest upon just being an interesting idea. There needs to be something that makes it stand out, some element that gives it a powerful purpose. Instead however, it takes no risks leaving a very bleak tone trailing in its wake and the end is genuinely pathetic and a massive disappointment.

Evident throughout, the group of actors try to show their ability with a reasonable script but a poor storyline. The character building isn’t helped by the direction and the film is far too compressed to really show the talent on offer. Making and watching Flatliners is a genuine waste of time, even if it isn’t an atrocious picture.It can’t even become the kind of bad that is sometimes actually worth the watch.


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