There is no individual element executed in a superior way to The Secret Service

The issue that comes clutching onto the Kingsman sequel, like a superglued barnacle, is that it’s a hotly anticipated sequel. The expectation around it was enormous, and considering the quality of the first film, the anticipation was never going to be matched post-release.

A year after the events of The Secret Service, Kingsman HQ is blown up by a homing missile, leaving only Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) alive. The pair travel to America to find support from a similar organisation, Statesman, in the hope of discovering the identity of the missile’s owner. The services unite against the great evil, who is attempting to kill millions through their use of recreational drugs.

There is no doubt that The Golden Circle is a solid piece of action filmmaking. The stunts are exciting, the pace is quick and it manages to maintain a high intensity throughout. However, when it is compared to the original, nothing is better. There is no individual element executed in a superior way to The Secret Service.

This is naturally something that causes the film to suffer, and there is a feeling of dread surrounding it, purely as a result of it not being the first film. Throughout its entirety, there is a want to just rewatch the original. It is certainly a shame because The Golden Circle is not a terrible film, but it’s also nowhere near the quality it needed to be.

Kingsman had a tough role to fill as a quality sequel, a rare occurrence that will always struggle to rear its head. With the original energy and passion waned, there is far less creativity pumped into a film and often more money. Two particulars that mix badly, giving off an under baked and underwhelming piece of cinema.


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