Its final reveal is far more a release of relief than shock

The Snowman suffers from being strikingly similar to the surge in brilliant police dramas that litter today’s television schedules, except for one key ingredient. It is far from brilliant. In fact, it is a disastrously flawed feature that cannot escape the “run of the mill”, however brutally its culprit murders their victims.

Based on the novel by Jo Nesbø, the story follows Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) as he searches for the snowman killer, a persona that leaves snowmen at the scene of their crimes. His chase leads him across Norway, as he looks to find the killer before the next snowfall, and the next murder.

Michael Fassbender has been the most divisive actor, performance wise, throughout 2017. First, he fronted the terrible Assassins Creed, showing how his performances can become misguided and ultimately, unengaging. Trespass Against Us was slightly more intuitive but it still lacked the punch Fassbender found in Alien: Covenant. His robots David and Walter were fantastic and one of the highlights of this year’s release calendar. Yet it is clear that without a competent and visionary director, Fassbender easily falls by the wayside. His leading role in The Snowman is both uninteresting and overly negative. His story is there to drive the plot when in reality, it adds nothing but minutes to the runtime.


The Snowman very much lacks direction and precision, leaving behind an empty and unintentionally pointless film. It fails at almost every point in becoming the thrilling watch the filmmakers set it out to be, with its final reveal being far more a release of relief than shock.

There is nothing different, and nothing exciting about a film that oozed potential. The Snowman is absolutely not worth its hype, nor your money.


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