It is a reel of endless fun and the longer it goes on, the bigger the smiles get.

What the second installment boasts, making it greater than the first, is the fabulous performance from Hugh Grant. Buoyed by his evil charm and hilarious pretentious outlook, Grant’s character is much more excessive and exuberant than Nicole Kidman in the original. If it makes sense, Grant can be described as a more approachable villain and this works in tandem with the nature of the film.

Then again, it isn’t a competition and both films are brilliant in their own right. What they manage to capture better than potentially any other film, is a sense of family and togetherness. It absolutely promotes equality and uniqueness, supplying numerous laughs along the way.

Paddington’s (Ben Whishaw) second adventure follows his journey with the Brown’s as he looks for the perfect birthday present for Aunt Lucy. While in Mr. Gruber’s (Jim Broadbent) shop he spots a pop-up book about London, the ideal present. After working hard to save up enough money, Paddington’s plans are scuppered by a thief stealing the book! Things only worsen when Paddington is believed to be the thief and ends up behind bars.


This all-encompassing outlook is encouraged by a delightful cast full of classic British cameos and wonderful actors showing true character and joy. Sally Hawkins is beautifully caring and Ben Whishaw’s Paddington is so naive it’s both hilarious and endearing. They all promote a sense of familiarity, making Paddington as truly comforting as it is.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Paddington 2 is the best family film of the year boasting outrageous charm and undeniable entertainment value. It is a reel of endless fun and the longer it goes on, the bigger the smiles get.




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