It could have absolutely stolen the superhero scene but has in fact done the exact opposite

Justice League is not the film it needed to be. With a big runtime, and nowhere near as much content as it should have, it often feels empty and overdrawn, even if it is packed full of action and superheroes.

With the evil leader Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) looking to reunite the three powerful mother boxes, not even the Atlanteans or Amazons can stop him. Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) need to put together a team to stop him and reach out to an array of new heroes with little experience. The group must unite quickly to stop Steppenwolf from reaching full power.

Justice League unimaginably irritating factor is its obsession with CGI. The constant overuse gives no flow to the film with obvious fakery and animation spoiling some of the action and even the quieter moments. This goes particularly for lead villain Steppenwolf who often looks like he is made of plasticine, struggling to make the full impact he could.


There are some lighter moments, particularly from The Flash, that does bring a more excitable tone to a fairly morbid film, and JK Simmonds never fails to supply a brilliant scene-stealing performance every time he appears, yet these moments are few and far between.

It is essentially a massive disappointment, failing to build on the very impressive Wonder Woman. There is a group of untouched heroes (as far as cinema is concerned) that could have absolutely stolen the superhero scene but has in fact done the exact opposite. It’s not a terrible film, and it is fun, but Justice League is missing so many elements that would have made it engaging, it just feels empty when it shouldn’t.


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